Dear Friends,

We are extremely fortunate that you have been our STEM Champion in 2019. As we look towards 2021, we need your help. We really need to provide heat for our students who will be working in the STEM Gym this winter season (and will keep the STEM Gym cool this next summer). We have received several bids and are hopeful to move forward with a local vendor that will install an HVAC system in the STEM Gym for $20K. STREAMWORKS recently received its 501(c)(3) designation, which now enables us to fund our future STEM initiatives through community gifts. We did the calculations and a $50 gift (tax-deductible) from each of our friends on this list would be needed to reach our goal. Of course, any gift in any amount is appreciated and will make a difference—so please give where your heart leads you. And, please feel free to forward this note to help us recruit more Friends of STREAMWORKS. This is a moment where the STEM Gym Nation can collectively pull together to ensure our kids learn in a comfortable and safe environment. Will you help? Please visit this donation link today to make your tax-deductible donation or send a check made payable to STREAMWORKS to:

ETSU / Valleybrook Campus
122 Pickens Rd
Kingsport, TN 37663-3284

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Thank you,