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Dennis Courtney

Dennis M. Courtney

Dennis Courtney is the Founding Director of the STREAMWORKS program powered by Eastman in Education. His career and experiences make him uniquely qualified to affect community education changes and outcomes.

The STREAMWORKS Mission is to create Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STREAM) initiatives that are designed to promote rigorous STEM activities and competitions in our community.  Ultimately, STREAMWORKS will cultivate and nourish an environment of critical and innovative thinkers which will foster a future workforce dedicated to help fulfill critical skills gap in hi-demand technology career fields.  STREAMWORKS will work through the establishment of robotics teams and competitions over a variety of STEM disciplines to fulfill this goal.

STREAMWORKS stands as a regional partner with area industry and school districts to make an impact at the grassroots level.  The dedication for STEM education in our communities is derived from critical workforce demands and a need for student essential skill sets in the professional work place.

Dennis Courtney is retired from the United States Navy as a flight engineer, holds a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle University and a Bachelors Degree of Science from SNU, Bethany, OK.

Each year, STREAMWORKS opens internship opportunities to several high school and college age students. These students must be able to handle the rigors of a demanding environment and are challenged to have an impact on their community by leading by example. For the successful intern, a very strong resume of advanced STEM leadership skills are developed at an early age. If interested in an intern opportunity or to nominate a deserving candidate, please contact dcourtney@streamworkseducation.org .