Robot Drone League 2021 Challenge DRAGONFLY

View the 2021-2022 challenge guide: 2021 RDL Challenge Guide Dragonfly REV 3.1

The Robot Drone League (RDL) competition gives students the opportunity to push the boundaries of the engineering design process and learning how to code thru this exciting game of robots and drones.

The 2021 season will run September 5, 2021 – January 16, 2022

Join us for an exciting new STEM sport in the United States, RDL (Robot Drone League).

RDL will challenge students to learn CAD, Computer Programming, Gaming Animation, mechanical robot build, drone piloting, and much more!



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The Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center

The MATE Center uses underwater robots – also known as remotely operated vehicles or ROVs – to teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and prepare students for technical careers.

Teams are forming for the new school year and the 2021 MATE Appalachian Regional. For more information, contact Dennis Courtney by clickind on the button below.


Community Partners

Twenty under 20

The Appalachian Highlands Twenty Under 20 recognition presents a way for students to be recognized for their amazing achievements in academics, community service, leadership, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

The 2020 Gala Event will be hosted at Milligan College on the evening of March 10th, 2020.